Going for a Burton

It’s six years since the FA bought the 350-acre Burton-on-Trent site. The governing body of our most treasured national game has since ploughed £25million into developing it into the world’s most expensive lawn-mowing project. There are no buildings there yet, just floodlit pitches and some very, very neatly cut grass.

As English football reached its latest nadir (can you have a lower moment than your lowest moment?) against Croatia this year, we’re all agreed that the game needs a shake-up and an injection of new impetus. We’ve got a new coach. Great.

But can the suits agree that it’s time to do what the French did and invest heavily in the game to get results? That is, rekindle the idea behind Burton and get on with creating a useful academy.

No, they can’t. They’re having a meeting about the future of the place today. Not to actually make a decision. But to decide ‘in principle’.

Gawd help us.

(Image: from YouTube)

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