Give me some money

Rafael Benitez has taken stock of the team that he built at Liverpool, and he doesn’t like it one bit, admitting that the Reds need at least five new signings if they want to compete at the top of the league. Although it would probably be best if the club didn’t give the money to him, given the absolute duffers he’s bought while he’s been in charge.

Liverpool’s disappointing season was capped off last night with a goal from ex-Manchester United striker Diego Forlan, which sent them crashing out of the Europa League in extra time – despite winning 2-1 on the night – and they now have to hope neither of Tottenham or Manchester City win at the weekend before their clash with Chelsea, or they are almost certainly out of the Champions League race.

‘Someone said we needed four or five players. I would more or less agree with that. That is what we have to do,’ said Benitez. ‘I do not know whether I will have any funds. We will find out in the summer.

‘Everything seems to have been against the players this season. It is clear that we had some problems. We had too many injuries and were lacking forward options. But the players worked so hard tonight and I am very proud of them. Now we have to concentrate and do our best in the next two games.’

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