Where to Find Girls Roxy Ski Wear Online

Are you scouring the net for girls roxy ski wear? Your search is about to come to an end.  The Roxy site has everything you need, from ski jackets, to base layers, gloves, scarves and even shoes.  Let's look at some of the jackets that are on sale.

Visiting roxy.com is like visiting the proverbial candy shop, there is so much to choose from you don't always know where to start! Roxy ski jackets are in no short supply here. The Mount Rose jacket currently sells for €110.00, and comes in sizes 8yrs to 16yrs. The jacket seems to come in black only, but the padding and diamond-shaped stitching gives it a fashionable and warm look. The hood is removable and this jacket is waterproof as well.

The Borreal print jacket sells for €75.00, and is also available in sizes 8yrs to 16yrs.  This jacket is available in two color combinations, 'sparkle dot' and 'demolition', and features a polka dot pattern.The Borreal has a polar lining and hood, and is also water repellent.The Shasta jacket sells for only €75.00 and this (along with the Borreal jacket) makes it a good choice for the cost-conscious shopper. The jacket comes in sizes 8yrs to 16yrs and is available in two colors 'dotty pink' and 'stripes'. What makes this jacket special is the fur trimmed hood, which gives it a touch of glamour!

With a variety such as this and great prices to choose from you're absolutely spoilt for choice at Roxy.com.  Navigate to your part of the world and see what's on offer.  The ski wear you're looking for may just be a few clicks away!

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