Gillingham call the A-Team

If you have a problem, if no-one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team. Well that's exactly what Gillingham have done after being relegated to League Two with the news that Roland Benedict, son of the A-Team actor Dirk Benedict, is on trial at the Gills.

According to the Daily Mail, Roland was a star basketball player at college, but has decided to have a go at pro soccerball instead. His impartial Dad says that Roland is pretty good: "Roland has played soccer since he was four years old and always wanted to play in England so I said 'let's go for it'. He is quite good."

While it's not clear if Roland is on trial for a crime he didn't commit (boom boom!), the six-foot striker lined out for Gillingham reserves in their 2-1 defeat to Southampton under the watchful eye of Dad. Just another Face in the crowd then. I'm here all week folks. Try the veal!

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