Gillett: Blame Benitez for Liverpool's results

Liverpool co-owner George Gillett has told unhappy fans to direct their disquiet about the Reds poor start to the season in the direction of the club's manager Rafa Benitez.

Gillett and his partner Tom Hicks are unpopular figures amongst the Anfield faithful often accused of failing to invest the funds needed to turn Liverpool into serious title contenders. However, Gillett has claimed that the club's owners have invested more than enough money into the club for Benitez to deliver trophies.

"We have invested more money than our competitors, in keeping with the history of the club," Gillett is reported to have told Liverpool fans' group Spirit of Shankly last week. "In the last 18 months, we have invested £128m on top of what has come in.

"That means it should be getting better. Now if it's not getting better, it's not Gillett and Hicks; it's the manager; it's the scouting. You have to make sure you balance out your analysis. There was plenty of money, so if you have any complaints, take a look at the ins and outs."

Gillett also claimed that Liverpool are in a healthier financial situation than their Premier League rivals Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal. With the pressure mounting on Benitez to deliver the Reds' first title in 20-years, Gillett's statement isn't exactly a vote of confidence.

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