Giants emerge winners from thrilling Superbowl

The New York Giants won the Superbowl in a tense game in Indianapolis. The Giants had to fight back in the final quarter to overcome the New England Patriots, taking the lead with a touchdown 56 seconds from the end. It was a repeat of their 2008 Superbowl triumph.

The match was decided by a bizarre move, when Ahmad Bradshaw, attempting to stop short at the one yard line, found his momentum carrying him into the endzone. His thinking had been that it was safer for the Giants to use up time and play for a decisive field gold, rather than risk giving the Patriots possession. It turned out that the accidental touchdown was sufficient to decide the game.

Eli Manning, the Giants’ iconic quarterback was named the Superbowl’s Most Valuable Player. Manning himself was inclined to disagree with that evaluation. "I don't think that's the story," he said. "I think the story is that the New York Giants are world champions. That's what I'm proud of. That's all that matters. The only important thing is for this organisation – the Giants, these guys that are on the team, the coaches have the opportunity to say 'We are the world champions'. That is the story."

The "world" bit might be more impressive if any other country on the planet cared about gridiron. The other part of the story was the half-time show, where Madonna’s dance moves looked a little elderly, and her costumes appeared to have been borrowed from Cher’s wardrobe. For once the Superbowl’s sporting action was the real entertainment.

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