Get in shape with one of the best selling exercise bikes today

Cycling is one of the top ways today to burn calories, lose weight, and tone your body. It is easy, fun, and anyone can do it no matter their age. But there are times when riding a bike outdoors isn’t practical, like if you live in a busy town with no bike paths or you can only exercise at night when it’s too dangerous to ride. That is when you turn to one of the home exercise cycles available so you can get a great workout in the safety of your own home, maybe watch a bit of X-Factor at the same time.

York Exercise Cycles

When it comes to exercise cycles, the York C201 Cycle is one of the best sellers this year. Averaging a price of £190, this exercise cycle is designed to give you enjoyment and results at the same time.

The design focuses on functionality and usability to encourage your best performance each time you use it. It offers a variety of programmers and function for all fitness levels with 16 levels of magnetic resistance, hand pulse sensor, adjustable seat, and 21 workout programmes to use.

V-Fit Exercise Cycles

V-Fit has a variety of exercise cycles on offer, but their V-Fit ATC1 Air Cycle is one of their most popular. This Air cycle allows you to work the upper and lower body at the same time or just focus on the lower body only. With a price tag that averages about £110, it converts easily from dual action to single with simple demountable handlebars.

The deep padded seat is adjustable and the pedals are large to prevent slipping. A 5-function exercise monitor will plan and monitor your workout for you, telling you calorie, distance, scan and speed of your workout as well as time.

Confidence Exercise Cycles

If you are looking for something that stores easily and doesn’t take up much room, then check out this foldable bike. The Confidence Stow A Bike Foldable Exercise X Bike is perfect for those who want an exercise cycle but have limited room in their flat.

The X Bike folds easily to be stored out of the way easily. The seat is padded and adjustable and the foot pedals are non-skid with safety straps. It comes with a 4-function computer to record time, speed, distance and calories.


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