Gerrard urges Suarez to stay at Liverpool

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Liverpool are pulling out all the stops in attempting to persuade Luis Suarez to stay with the club nest season. The latest stage of the charm offensive directed towards the Uruguayan star saw captain Steven Gerrard deliver a pointed message about the benefits of loyalty.

The Liverpool captain has been a professional at Anfield for 15 years, his long service rewarded with a testimonial against Olympiakos. He admits there have been times when he has considered the possibility of a move. Chelsea were interested in signing him in 2004 and another unnamed European club, possibly Bayern Munich, made enquiries last season. "I had a chance to leave last year," Gerrard said, “but I wasn't tempted. I've been through that before.”

Suarez has been the subject of a £40 million bid from Arsenal, but Gerrard believes Suarez could attract bigger clubs in the future by staying at Liverpool. "That is the message for Luis,” Gerrard said. “Move on if you want, further down the line, but a player of his calibre should wait for the big one to come to him. He deserves to play for one of the best teams in the world, a Barcelona or a Real Madrid. They will come calling for him again.”

Gerrard is all too aware that Liverpool, now just a mid-ranking Premier League club, will have a problem retaining Suarez. “I hope that he gives us another year and shows us the form he did last season. Maybe it will be time for him to go next year or the year after.”

Without Suarez, Liverpool face continued mediocrity. “That is the main worry for every Liverpool fan,” Gerrard said. “There is that concern that it becomes permanent and we can't bridge that gap – but we've got to keep fighting. We can prove people wrong and break into the top four. If we keep Suarez and add to him we will have a much better chance."

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