Gerrard: Liverpool already out of title race

Steven Gerrard has all but admitted that Liverpool have given up their challenge for the Premier League title this season after just five games.

The England captain believes a top four finish and qualification for the Champions League could be considered a success this season.

However, Liverpool are currently well off the pace in the league lying back in 16th place with just five points as well as suffering a humiliating midweek exit from the League Cup on penalties at the hands of League Two side Northampton Town.

‘A realistic target is to try to get back in the top four. Winning the title, of course, is a possibility because there's a chance it can happen. But realistically, our focus is to finish in the top four,’ Gerrard said.

Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson has rubbished claims that the club are on the verge of a crisis, but the pressure will continue to mount if the Reds fail to win tomorrow’s home game against Sunderland.

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