German tourist admits banana throwing

It was reported on Monday that Brazil striker Neymar had been the target of racist abuse during their match with Scotland at the Emirates Stadium, with the striker upset by a banana thrown on the pitch, supposedly by a Scotland fan.

Well it turns out that it was thrown by a German teenage tourist, and bizarrely that there was no racist intent at all. How they came to that conclusion, and how said tourist came to throw a piece of fruit onto the pitch, haven’t been explain to us. However we’re told that it should be the end of the affair.

‘After consultation with the Metropolitan Police, Arsenal Football Club can confirm that a German teenage tourist has admitted throwing a banana onto the pitch during the Brazil v Scotland International Friendly at Emirates Stadium on Sunday,’ read a statement. ‘The youngster was sitting in the North Bank of Emirates Stadium, an area of the stadium which was occupied by the official allocation of tickets to Brazil supporters, when he threw the banana onto the pitch during the second half of the match.

‘The Metropolitan Police is satisfied there was no racist intent and have confirmed that no further action will be taken.’

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