Georgia’s winning volley over Russia

Who’s the winner? Russia or Georgia? Really – who’s the winner? Russia with all its might or Georgia and its pluckiness, and, erm, two Brazilian born ladies who are connected to them in some way?

Well, It’s Georgia.

We’re quite obviously not talking about that skirmish that’s been going on over the last few weeks in South Ossetia, but the Olympic Beach Volleyball. With neither side particularly famous for their participation in the sport, it was only really of any interest because they had to play each other just hours after their respective presidents had called an uneasy truce. Isn’t it great when things like that happen. It will probably be made into a bad film now.

Christine Santanna and Andrezza Chagas only got to the Olympics because they missed out on the Brazilian team, but were invited to represent Georgia because of their links to the country.

The Russians took the loss pretty badly, the BBC reports, remarking "Of course they're not Georgian. They don't even know who the Georgian president is." To which Santanna retorted with the great comeback, "Of course I know who the president is. It's Mikhail Saakashvili, and I was with his wife here two days ago in the (Olympic) Village.” Ha! In your face!

The Georgian beach volleyball leader Levan Akhtulediani then managed to confuse everybody by adding: "It's better to compete on the field rather than outside the field."

We think you’re looking the wrong way Levan, they compete on a beach.

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