Gazza's tears of a clown

After reading about the latest sad chapter in Gazza's troubled life we were feeling rather glum. It felt like seeing your older brother getting a hiding from some younger kids. Like George Best before him, and Antonio Cassano today, Gazza is an example of a natural footballing talent gone wrong. To cheer ourselves up, we've decided to pay tribute to the Geordie wizard by looking back at his finest moments in the game.

1. Spurs vs Arsenal 1991 FA Cup Semi Final

A classic thumping freekick which knocked out the Gunners. Gazza crocked himself in the final against Forest trying to hack down Gary Charles. It was his last game in a Spurs shirt.

2. England vs Scotland, Euro 96

An absolute wondergoal against the Tartan Army. Gazza helped England to the Semis (we all know what happened there) in the last tournament which gave England fans a glimmer of hope. Gazza mocked the infamous 'dentist’s chair' incident during the celebrations.

3. England vs West Germany, Italia 90

This game is remembered for Gazza's tears. But his performance in the game was top class. It combined skill, determination and the desire to win. Picking up his second booking of the knock out stages, Gazza knew he was out of the final regardless of the result.

Although widely mocked at the time, it's difficult not to sympathize with Gazza's reaction. He was at the top of his game and brimming with confidence, it could have been his tournament. Missing out on the chance to play in a World Cup Final was too much to bear.

All the best Gazza.

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