Gary Neville set to return from injury

Gary who? Manchester United skipper Gary Neville has taken his latest step in the comeback trail after lining out for the reserves last night. The England right-back has been out injured for almost a year.

If the those news hounds over at The Sun are to be believed old 'Red Nev' just can't wait to get back into the footballing saddle. “It’s great to be playing football again. That’s my second game in a couple of weeks and I seem to have come through it OK." Neville told the scribes at England's most popular tabloid.

Gary waxed lyrical about his part in the 1-0 win against Sunderland's reserves: "Playing with the reserves is really exciting for me. Just being out on the pitch and on the training ground – I love doing that." Well seeing how things have gone at Utd since he's been out old Nevs might have a few more exciting nights of reserve team football ahead of him.

Only joking Gary! We've really missed your moustache and on field petulance. In case you don't believe us we're going to dedicate a song to you.

(To the tune of Rebel Rebel)

Neville Neville, you play in defence,
Neville Neville, your play is immense,
Neville Neville, like Jacko you're bad,
Neville Neville is the name of your dad

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