Gareth Barry booed by fans on Aston Villa return

Gareth Barry was booed by Aston Villa fans during a 60-minute run out for the Birmingham club's reserves at Walsall last night. It was the first time that the England international had played for Villa since his transfer to Liverpool stalled.

The 27-year-old midfielder had made public his desire to play Champions League football and seemed set for a summer move to Anfield. But Liverpool were unwilling to meet Aston Villa's £18m asking price leaving Barry in limbo.

The travelling fans vented their spleen throughout Barry's time on the pitch last night with chants of "Judas" and "You’re Not Fit To Wear The Shirt" clearly audible. It will have been a serious reality check for a player who captained England back in June. Barry will be hoping that he can repeat his form from last season and try to get the fans back onside.

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