Game 39 is shelved..for now

Premier league chief, Richard Scudamore, has called off the meeting with FIFA about the proposed international round of premiership fixtures (Game 39). After wiping the egg off his face last night he'll be having scrambled eggs for breakfast, a fried egg on eggy bread for lunch and omelettes for tea.

Fearing an embarrassing dressing down by International Soccerball's head honcho, Boss Hogg, sorry, Sepp Blatter, Scudamore did an about turn on Game 39, coming up with some of the lamest excuses and euphemisms we've heard since Steven Ireland's grannygate incident.

"This project is still very much in its infancy, was always subject to development, clarification and wide consultation and we remain disappointed that these facts and many others were lost when early opinions were formed by many without any detailed knowledge."

In other words, the project is a load of pie in the sky.

So, it looks like we won't be seeing the Red Red Redder Reds vs Chelski FC on a boat in Sydney Harbour with musical accompaniment by Chaz and Dave (sadly not the original Dave) any time soon. Local football leagues will be shedding silent tears the world over.  

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