Gallas gets away with it

William Gallas has escaped an unlikely retrospective punishment for his outrageously late ‘tackle’ on Bolton Wanderers’ Mark Davies that led to the Gunners' equalising goal at the Emirates last night. Gallas lunged in on Davies at the start of the second half with what the Bolton manager referred to as ‘akin to assault’, with his team 2-1 and needing a win to go level on points with Chelsea at the top of the league. In the end they won 4-2 after what Coyle called ‘the turning point.'

‘The second goal was the big turning point (see? - Ed),’ Coyle said. ‘Clearly it was a foul, and closer to a red card. It was akin to assault and it changed the game. However, the fact is the referee has not seen it, and the lad is prostrate on the ground, and Arsenal being full of fair play, as we keep hearing, have carried on and scored an equaliser. That is hard to take. I don't want to sit here and make excuses, but I have seen red cards for less.’

However, Alan Wiley saw the tackle and decided it was two players ‘coming together’ (whatever that means), meaning that no disciplinary measure can be applied to the Frenchman. Meanwhile Arsene smirks on, knowing the evil his team embodify sit atop the Premier League. Chilling times.

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