Future football

The future’s far from bright, according to Orange. The telecoms monolith predicts a grim future for football – as early as 2020 – in a new report: The Orange Future of Football Report 2008.

Video screens in your comfy seats at the stadium, stimulating fragrances pumped into the covered stands, robotic linesmen and all sorts of other ghastly, soulless innovations are just round the corner. Apparently.

Football is slowly dying as a spectacle of sporting ambition, skilful endeavour and down-to-earth, honest entertainment. And, we fear, this sort of hideously anti-septic gimmick is not only on its way but also speeding up the decline of a once great (admittedly flawed) sport.

Soon no one will remember the euphoria of seeing your team scoring and the thrill of it making the cold and the wet and the heartache totally worthwhile. They won’t remember the long away trips by coach and train and Shanks’s Pony. And half-time Bovril and a few beers after the game will die out as a once-cherished ritual.

Like a once mighty, elegant, powerful animal shuffling to its tottering, feeble, undignified demise, the slow death of the beautiful game is ugly to watch.

(Image: from deeje’s flickr stream)

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