Are You Looking For a Fur Hooded Ski Jacket?

If you're searching the Net for a fur hooded ski jacket, chances are that you want to look good while you stay warm. The great news is that Trespass understands the need to keep warm and dry while making a real fashion statement. Trespass women's line currently includes three fur hooded ski jackets.Let's have a closer look?

Trespass.co.uk stocks the Gladys ski jacket at €105.62 and has it available in black, pink and white.  The jacket has a fur trimmed hood, and a faint jaguar pattern and diamante finishes. This makes this ski jacket a must for those who are fashion conscious! It is sold in sizes XXS to XXL, so finding the perfect size won't be a problem.

The Beyonce ski jacket currently sells for €124.38, and is available in silver only. The jacket has a glamorous look, and features a fur trimmed hood, and bejeweled button poppers.  This jacket is also available in the standard XXS to XXL, so if you want the 'beyonce' look you should be able to find one that fits.

The Jessica ski jacket is sold at Trespass.co.uk for €166.88, and is also available in just one color. The jacket comes in matte silver, and even has a faux fur lining to help keep you warm.  The jacket is fully breathable and waterproof.  Sizes, range from XXS to XXL so whatever your size, you'll be able to slip into one of these glamorous jackets.

If these gorgeous ski jackets aren't enough incentive to click on over to Trespass, here's another treat.Want free shipping? Spend over £50 and Trespass will deliver your purchase right to your home, free of charge!

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