The full house poker league

The Full House Poker League is based in 25-29 Church Street, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 0AD. It is possible to join online today and then simply bring a photo ID with you for your first visit. It can be found online at thefullhouse.co.uk.

The Cash Poker League is a rewards system for all cash players. £1 is taken from every pot of £20 or more at the table and this is put into an end of the month freeroll tournament. The total in the pot can be found at the cashier live in the club, or by calling 01737 233999.

To qualify for this tournament you need to become a member and put your name on the cash list, to start earning points right away. For every minute you are recorded at a cash table, you earn one point. 1,800 points are needed to qualify for this end of the month tournament. Your standing in the league and the amount of points you have can be found out by visiting the website.

Full House also offers tournament leagues which run on a monthly basis, with promotions and relegations. The League is split between 4 divisions and if your finish in the top or bottom two, you are promotes or relegated from the league you are in.

The Tournament of Champions monthly freeroll is contested between the league qualifiers and the winners of every tournament throughout the duration of the league. The prize pool for this tournament freeroll is made up through taking 2% from every tournament The Full House puts on.


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