FSF to tour safe standing

Yesterday we reported that the government and various other authorities were considering allowing German-style safe standing sections to football grounds in England, a move which would make many football fans very happy indeed.

To help push that, and to emphasise the safe in the safe standing system, the Football Supporters Federation plans to tour the country with an example of the ‘rail seating’ or ‘vario’ which is common in Germany, hoping that they can convince people that they are not proposing a return to the crumbling terracing of the 1980s.

One of the key battles that the FSF faces is convincing people that terracing – or standing at football – does not necessarily equate to a return to football violence, if that ever went away. Indeed they need to show how and standing has never gone away, and how the new system is, if anything, safer than having people stood up in seated areas.

‘We have to help people understand we are not talking about bringing back old-style terraces,’ said John Darch, an FSF member. ‘I will be inviting supporters at all clubs around the country to contact me asking me to visit with the mock-up. Then fans themselves, the chairmen and chief executives of clubs, safety officers and politicians can see we are talking about modern supporter accommodation, which fans and clubs enjoy, and which is passed as safe by the Bundesliga.’

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