Work on your driving skills with free golf games

Find yourself practising putts or chips in your living room? Maybe you should work out your golf obsession by heading online for free golf games. One word of advice. Best not think about playing these games in the office. We don't want a scenario where you are about to drive the 18th with a 4 shot lead in the Masters only to find an irate boss staring at your screen and asking why you haven't done any work for the last 3 hours.

World Golf Tour (wgt.com) is among the most popular free online golf games. You can play realistic courses from around the world, join in tournaments or play individual challenges online. You'll need to register at the site and give an email address, then you can develop your player profile, browse the pr shop and increase your skills.

Golf Hooked (netgolfgames.com) is a game where you don't need to register or sign in. Just get clicking the mouse and start swinging. Driving is relatively simple, but the short game around the greens takes a lot of practice. You'll start off frustrated but quickly become addicted.

Tigers Woods PGA Tour Online (tigerwoodsonline.ea.com) is a free version of the popular PC and console game, promising the most realistic golf simulation online. Enter an email address to register and start playing, over realistic depictions of real courses. Take the challenge of matching or beating the day's longest drive or longest putt.

For more free golf games, head to topgolfgames.com, where they have a range of games to fill the time or eat up your life, from simple putting games to complex simulations.

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