Looking for free fantasy football?

In recent years free fantasy football has become a particularly popular game, whether you compete against friends or everyone, there is a lot of fun to be had.

The most renowned site in recent years has undoubtedly been fantasy.premierleague.com where you are given the autonomy to choose everything from team name, kit colour, transfers, substitutes and much more. What makes this site stand out above others is the meticulous design and the ability to create leagues for you and your friends to have some private competition.

With £100 million to spend, you are required to select the 15 players you feel will be the stars of the 2011/2012 premier league season. From your 15 players, you of course have eleven players starting in the formation you opt for, and four subs placed in case one of your starting players gets a late injury, or isn't selected.

When considering which player to appoint as captain, choose carefully as this player will receive double points, it's therefore crucial to give the captaincy to the player who you feel will collect the most points over the weekend. You will also notice the vice captain role which will be implemented when your captain doesn't play, the vice captain will (for that week) become captain and collect double points.

As previously eluded to, the game pays great attention to detail which is epitomised by the fact that the game will give you a percentage of the chance of an injured player being fit enough to play in the upcoming game. This information allows you to decide your starting eleven for the weekend ahead and ultimately field the best team possible.

Fantasy Premier League is without doubt one of if not the best free fantasy football game on the web and is a great way to compete against your friends and put your premier league knowledge to the ultimate test.

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