Fourth-place play-off idea rejected

The idea for there to be a play-off for the 4th and final Champions League spot in the Premiership has been dashed by the Premier League. To stop the dominance of the top 4 clubs (Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool) it was proposed that clubs finishing 4th-7th would play a mini-knockout competition with the winners securing a lucrative place in next year's premier European league.

The board of the FA discussed the proposal with chief executive Richard Scudamore saying it was a nice idea but there simply wasn’t enough backing for the change. 'The main topic of discussion was the Champions League play-off for that fourth qualifying place,’ he told Sky Sports News. ‘We gave a lot of discussion, a lot of detail, a lot of data. But there was not enough support to take the idea forward, so we won't be discussing that proposal any further.’

Unsurprisingly the ‘Big Four’ were strongly opposed to the idea.

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