Heroes of formula 1

Michael Schumacher

The gung-ho German broke every record in Grand Prix racing and with seven world championship titles to his name, Michael Schumacher is the indisputable leader in the field. He was the consummate professional for the Ferrari team and his work ethic was beyond reproach. In return the Ferrari ‘family’ loved their loyal German ‘workhorse,’ who paved the way to six successive championships for the ‘Italian mob.’ Although his tactics were often controversial, his genius behind the wheel has never been in doubt. It is unlikely Schumacher’s achievements as one of the heroes of formula 1 will ever be surpassed.

Stirling Moss

Despite never winning a world championship title, Stirling Moss is regarded a an ‘honest gent’ with a natural aptitude for the sport. Moss is held in high esteem by both the public and fellow professionals. His admirable consistency of getting second and third championship placings but never quite reaching pole position earned him the nickname of a ‘nearly man.’Stirling Moss’s career was cut short after his crash at Goodwood on Easter Monday 1962. Thankfully, he recovered from the subsequent coma and his reputation as one of the heroes of formula one remains intact.

Ayrton Senna

The three-times world champion Ayrton Senna has become a legend. His dramatic death at a tragically young age was witnessed by a worldwide television audience when he crashed into the wall at the San Narino Grand Prix. Senna, who was renowned for his brave, fast, skillful, exciting and daring driving style, was striving to fend off the challenge of the young pretender to the throne, Michael Schumacher, when he crashed. If Senna had lived, formula 1 fans have wondered what engaging encounters he and Schumacher would have had in the quest for the number one spot.

Nigel Mansell

The bull-headed Brit known for his tenacity, single-mindedness, and moaning, is not everyone’s cup of tea. Opinion his divided on the ‘everyman’ driver with the distinctive moustache who was loved and hated in equal measure. However, Mansell remains one of the heroes of formula 1 because of his willing to sacrifice everything in his all-consuming desire to win. Behind the wheel Mansell was transformed from a stoic, mild-mannered, and unassuming fellow into a man possessed.

Alain Prost

Known as ‘The Professor,’ Alain Prost often pales into insignificance when in the company of the mercurial and majestic drivers who have earned through flamboyance and flair, their tags as heroes of formula 1. Yet the secret to Prost’s success on the track was the same meticulous driving and refusal to take risks which drove his detractors barmy. Prost was the chalk to Ayrton Senna’s cheese, and as one seasoned commentator observed: “The faster he went, the slower he looked.” However, critics of his driving style can not argue that four world championship titles and a distinctive modus operandi has definitely earned Prost a rightful place in the ranks of heroes of formula 1.

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