Forking close

Jenson Button has revealed that he was almost run over by a forklift truck in Monaco yesterday, as efforts to prepare for the Grand Prix reached frantic levels.

Race week always starts a day early in Monaco – Wednesday instead of Thursday – so to give the everyone a day off on the Friday. This means that people are already working their fingers to the bone trying to get everything ready, while people are still arriving from Barcelona, the site of last week’s GP. Through in a fire overnight that meant damage repair was being undertaken as building work was being done and you can see why the workers might not be looking out in case a millionaire F1 driver happened to be behind them.

‘I was walking along talking to the guys,’ said Button in the press conference. I was looking but he wasn't as he was reversing. I was never going to be injured seriously. He wasn't going to kill me. He would have bumped into me. They are doing all they can but when it is back to back it is very difficult.

‘The guys are working non-stop to get it built. It makes it a bit difficult and dangerous – maybe we should be wearing hard hats in the paddock.

‘I would prefer it (the Spanish and Monaco GPs) not to be back to back. I love this race and would love it if we could arrive on a Wednesday and it looked as beautiful as it does at every other race. It doesn't, yet, and because it is such a special event we should have a good space before the race.

‘For a grand prix [the extra day] is not such a bad thing because it lengthens the weekend for the people who are watching. They come down and those lucky enough to be on a boat have four days instead of three and it does make it a show, which is good for the sport.’

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