Foreign club owners want an end to promotion and relegation

It appears that we're entering silly season for football: last week Liverpool's Managing Director Ian Ayres proposed the mental idea of having each Premier League club negotiate its own foreign TV rights packages, now LMA chief Richard Bevan says that the Premier League's foreign owners want to close relegation from and promotion to the top flight.

According to him some of the game's American and Asian owners want a franchising model, a move would likely enrage football fans, and would be unlikely to get the support of the FA, which they would need to make it happen. However, they would also need the support of two-thirds of the league's chairmen, and with the likes of Wigan Athletic owner Dave Whelan about, that makes it even less likely.

'If it was to happen I would resign Wigan from the Premier League and go back and play in the Football League,' the Wigan chairman told talkSPORT. 'It's the most stupid suggestion I've ever heard in my life.

'It's a worrying thought that if we get 14 or 15 foreign owners, they come up with some mad idea and it gets voted through. It's got to be competitive, every club has got to have that ambition to get to the Premier League, that's why our league is so good. It's an appalling suggestion. It would ruin and kill English football.'

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