Footballers’ wives? No, footballers’ homes!

The ladies caused mayhem on our TV screens, and now the houses are causing mayhem in reality.

Residents of Alderley Edge, Cheshire are up in arms over the footballers’ mansions that keep appearing in the town .

Since playing host to Becks while he romanced Posh in the 90s, Alderley Edge has become a haven for football stars. Celeb residents include Cristiano Ronaldo and Michael Carrick.

But locals complain that perfectly nice houses are being demolished to make way for the mansions. And mansions are apparently “not in keeping with the area”.

We’re not convinced. Alderley Edge has more millionaires per mile than anywhere in England – surely mansions are to be expected?And everyone needs a place in the country. Don’t give our footballers the boot!

(Image: from TheLizardQueen’s flickr stream)

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