How to avoid buying fake football tickets

Last year alone saw hundreds of websites closed down by police for the illegal sale of premiership football tickets. Police officers regularly conduct covert operations to sniff out fake ticket sellers, who usually sell tickets for all of the UK's biggest games. However, the sites which were shutdown last year were not just based in the UK. Ticket sellers from Russia, the Middle East and the United States were all taking advantage of fans desperate to see their favourite team playing live. Because of the price of watching a football is so high, scammers have the potential to make a lot of money in a relatively short space of time, with many leaving the country before the game starts and the deception is discovered. If you plan to purchase football tickets there are several things you can do to ensure your tickets are 100% genuine.

You should always purchase football tickets from either the football club themselves or a reputable ticket agent. Tickets from your favourite club are never going to be fake if bought from the ticket office. Never buy your tickets from outside the match ground on the day of the football match. People who sell tickets outside the ground on match days are touts and the activity is illegal. While not all touts sell fake tickets, they do ask for several times the usual asking price for a ticket, meaning you can pay a lot more than you would had you bought the football tickets through an agent or from the club itself.

Avoid purchasing tickets over the internet unless it is the football club or an official ticket agent. If you want to buy from a private individual on eBay, be sure to use Paypal so you can do a chargeback if the tickets are fake or invalid. This means Paypal will get a full refund from the seller for you. If you are purchasing football tickets from anywhere else off the internet, use your credit card as this will also offer you protection in the event your tickets are fake or do not turn up in time.

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