Safe football ticket exchange websites

Looking for football ticket exchange sites can be a risky business: football tickets invariably cost a lot of money and are subject to an incredibly high demand, and unfortunately there are several places on the internet where honest buyers can encounter fraudulent sellers.

In the United Kingdom in 2009, for example, the police's Operation Phyllite ensured the closure of more than 100 websites which had been selling fake tickets to customers and then refusing to communicate with them. Many other similar sites have voluntarily shut down in response to police requests.

It is always a much better idea to purchase your football tickets from an official source. Visit the Ticketmaster site (ticketmaster.co.uk) and do a search for the game or games of your choice, and you'll find a reputable seller.

If, however, tickets for your desired match have sold out, and you are still intent on purchasing tickets, you might be tempted to enter into the uncertain and dangerous of football ticket exchange.

If this is the case, your primary concern will be to ensure that you choose a site with the highest guarantees of safety.

Perhaps the best site with this in mind is LiveFootballTickets.com, which is a supporters-run exchange opportunity which has excellent standards of customer service operating from its base in Madrid.

The site features lots of honest testimonials from customers who've received exactly what they were promised, and anecdotes about the efficiency and effectiveness of their customer service team's problem solving abilities.

Other honest sites include Ticket4Football.com, and 1st4FootballTickets.com. It's always a good sign when the sites provide clear and accurate contact details - give them a call before you commit to buying.

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