Kit out your club with a football jersey team set

Your local club might not be too close to the Champions League, but at least you can look the part. If your club kit has seen better days, shop online for a new football jersey team set. Kits can be designed and manufactured to your exact specifications, so it might be an opportunity to update your club image.

Head to the Soccer Company (soccerkits.com) for a huge range of kit in various colours and styles. Complete team kits are available for adults and kids. A team pack consists of 15 shirts, shorts and sock pairs. Prices include printing a club or sponsor name on the kit. Adult team sets are available from £369, and a junior team set from £235. Look out for the special markdown adult sets for just £150.

Kit Traders (lazerkits.co.uk) offer a range of colours and designs, and provide team kits for adults, youths and junior sizes. You can have a choice of 15 sets or 12 sets, plus goalkeeper's kit. Prices vary depending on design and extra printing specifications. A basic kids kit of 12 shirts plus goalkeeper kit costs £223.30. An adult team kit for 12 players plus goalkeeper starts at £268.08 plus VAT.

Discount football kits (discountfootballkits.co.uk) offer substantial price reductions on team kits for adults and kids. Kits are manufactured by Prostar, Adidas and Stanno. There is a huge range of colours and designs available. Pick out your team colours and the sizes required and email for a quotation for your football jersey team set.

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