Football fans sing praises of baked beans

The BBC – great public service that it is – has a space on its website devoted to the latest football chants fans have been hearing and inventing up and down the country.

A few are, frankly, quite rude. In a clever sort of way. "Shittu and you know you are!" was the Charlton fans’ song, for instance, when former Addick Danny Shittu scored an own goal at Watford. 

Some are surreal. "Tiswas! Swap Shop!" was the bizarre chant of Bristol Rovers fans at Doncaster.

And some are wonderfully, sort of, well, wonderfully British. Our favourite has to be:

"Oh when the beans,
Come out the tin,
Oh when the beans come out the tin,
You put the bread in the toaster,
Oh when the beans come out the tin."
Birmingham fans at West Ham. (Iain Smith, England).

(Image: from theedinburghblog’s flickr stream)

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