Where to Find a Football Accumulator Odds Calculator Online

Accumulator bets can be difficult to work out manually, but if you have access to a football accumulator odds calculator you're ahead of the rest already.  With these online calculators there's no room for error, and it doesn't matter whether you plan to place anything up to ten bets or 20. There are sites out there that will let you work out your profits in almost any scenario, with any amount of bets.  Let's have a closer look?

http://www.betcalc.com/accacalc.php has a free accumulator odds calculator, and this little wonder lets you work out up to ten accumulator bets.  The site is really easy to use, and allows you to enter the odds in either decimal or fraction format, and sets the stake at 1.00 by default. If you do decide to up the stakes you can do so manually, and the handy dropdown box makes it easy to mark a certain bet as a win or loss.  There's even a comments section if you want to add extra information regarding a certain bet.  With this calculator you won't need a pen and paper ever again!

http://www.free-bet-calculator.co.uk/ is a must visit for the online gambler who likes a bit of variety. This betting calculator covers no less than 28 different bet types, and the great thing is that you can use any or all of them as accumulator bets. The calculator works it all out for you as you go along so there's also no need to keep track manually of where you're at.  This calculator can handle up to 20 selections, and it works for each way bets, even equally divided ones, and also takes into account Rule 4, dead heat and joint favorites.

This online version is free to use, but if you really like it you could purchase the Sports Bet Calculator application for your iPhone from the application store, and at only £1.49 it's a bargain!

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