Footage of Olympic opening ceremony leaked

Footage of the dress rehearsal for Friday's opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics has been leaked onto the internet by a Korean TV station. It is not clear if the release of the video was authorised by Chinese officials who had been closing guarding the details of the opening celebrations.

The 30 second snippet has an almost cartoon like quality to it, featuring choreographed troops of gymnasts and martial arts fighters as well as a life size 3D animated blue whale. It all looks pretty impressive, but who knows what the ceremony would have been like if Steven Spielberg hadn't walked out on the project; the proposed troupe of Chinese children flying over the stadium on BMXs would surely have been the icing on the Bird's Nest.

The video has already been removed a number of times from YouTube, but thankfully it can still be seen on liveleak.com. Check it out below before it gets removed from there too!

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