Floyd Mayweather - dodgy geezer

Last night's big fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Victor Ortiz ended in farce in the fourth round, when the American took advantage of his opponent talking to the referee to land two knockout punches. Then the crowd booed and hissed their displeasure, while Mayweather danced around the ring like he had felled Mike Tyson.

Ortiz had Mayweather on the ropes facing a barrage of blows when he planted a headbutt on his opponent; referee Cortez stopped the action to deduct a point from the Mexican-American, and after Ortiz went to touch glove, hug and even kiss Mayweather on the cheek, Mayweather then landed two sucker punches which left Ortiz on his backside for long after the 10-count. The crowd howled its disapproval, with many calling for Mayweather to be disqualified, but Ortiz seemed to take his medicine like a man. Fair play to him.

'I took the break exactly as I was told and then he blindsided me,' Ortiz said. 'I'm not a dirty fighter and I apologised for the head butt. As far as I'm concerned I came to entertain the fans and I think I did that. There was a mixed communication with the referee. It was a learning experience.'

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