Flintoff ‘betrayed’ by Fletcher

So Duncan Fletcher, outgoing England cricket supremo, reveals in his book that Andrew Flintoff turned up to practice pie-eyed. And Flintoff’s dad jumps to little Fred’s defence.

Err, excuse us – but isn’t a bit, like, embarrassing to have your parents telling one of the bigger boys to stop picking on you? You bet it is.

Didn’t Lewis Hamilton’s dad do something similar early in the F1 season when Master Lewis was picked on by a big, bad bully?

Surely top sports stars – winners through and through – can put up their own defence and not rely on outraged parents to do it for them?

What next – Shevchenko’s nan running on at Stamford Bridge to give the shed a piece of her mind about the nasty things they sing about her little Andriy?

Why not?

(Image: YouTube)

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