Flavio Briatore receives lifetime ban from motor sport

Renault have been handed a two-year suspended permanent disqualification from Formula One following the FIA's ruling on Nelson Piquet Jr's crash at last year's Singapore Grand Prix.

Piquet Jr admitted to Formula One's ruling body that he was ordered to crash his car to help Renault team-mate Fernando Alonso take the chequered flag.

While the FIA decided to give Renault a two-year suspended sentence the team's managing director Flavio Briatore received a lifetime ban from motor sport and has been disqualified from managing F1 drivers.

Briatore insisted that he had done nothing wrong but the FIA ruling council decided that the billionaire was 'complicit' in causing the pileup. Renault's executive director of engineering Pat Symonds has been handed a five-year ban from motor sport.

The news of Briatore's life ban could have serious repercussions for the Italian's involvement with QPR. The League's fit and proper person test states that a club owner or director can not be 'subject to a ban from a sports governing body relating to the administration of their sport'.

Speaking about the matter a League spokesman said: 'The Football League chairman, Lord Mawhinney, has today written to the FIA to request further details of its decision. Thereafter, the League will consider its position on the matter.'

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