Five of the Greatest Knockouts of the Last Five Years

Boxing is big news at the moment. Whether it is Mayweather or Amir Khan stealing the headlines there is no shortage of action. We take a look back at five great knockouts that have occurred in the last 5 years.

Manny Pacquiao (v's Juan Manuel Marquez IV)

Having fought three previous fights and endured a total of 36 rounds of tough boxing Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez IV met for the fourth encounter on December 8th 2012. Eager for a knockout decision it turned out Pacquiao who, having rushed in with a right hand blow in the last second of Round 6, finished off his opponent and ended a spectacular four fight series.

Nonito Donaire (v's Fernando Montiel)

When Fernando Montiel and Nonito Donaire met on February 19th 2011 it was supposed to be a competitive fight between the evenly matched pair. However in Round 2 Donaire left Montiel dazed and struggling to get up. Montiel eventually managed to get back on two feet and the referee allowed the fight to continue however a matter of seconds later it was all over as the referee stopped the fight.

Sergio Martinez (v's Paul William II)

Sergio Martinez and Paul Williams II met on November 20th 2010. This was their second meeting, after the first ended in a controversial majority decision victory for Williams. There were no questions in their second meeting with Martinez taking the decision into his own hands and scoring a knockout. A first experience for Williams. It was to be the beginning of a reign within the middleweight division for Martinez.

Shane Mosley (v's Antonio Margarito)

Despite the media dismissing Shane Mosley as past it, the 37 year old obliterated the Mexican welterweight Antonio Margarito in a fight on January 24th 2009. Before the match started Mosley’s trainer spotted that the Mexican had plaster in his handwraps. Margarito was banned from boxing for a year and it turned out to be Mosley’s final display.

Manny Pacquiao (v's Ricky Hatton)

In another fight involving Manny Pacquiao, this time on May 2nd 2009 with our very own Ricky Hatton, Pacquiao completely floored Hatton with only one second to go in Round 2. The fight sent Hatton into a 3 year retirement and propelled Pacquiao to new heights inlcluding his later knockout against Juan Manuel Marquez IV.

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