Fitting fixtures

Next season's Premier League fixture lists have been released, and they're just as boring as to be expected. Let's be honest, it's just a list, isn't it?

Anyway, unless you're one of those types that is obsessed only by the Big Four and demand that everything involving football is seen through the prism of what effects them, you'll only want to see the list (It's below, by the way), but here's some interesting weekends in August for you to spend your summer thinking about.

Everton v Arsenal on the opening day (15 August) could be an early test of which one is more likely to win the 'thrilling' race for fourth place, while 22 August is London derby-tastic, with Fulham hosting Chelsea and Tottenham at West Ham. Pwopah nawtee, that second one. Let's be honest though, it's nice to not think about football for a bit though, isn't it?

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