FIFA World Cup 2014: Sao Paulo Stadium Collapses

Two people have been reportedly killed by a crane accident at the World Cup stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Although a third death has been reported by military police, stadium officials have not yet confirmed that any more than two people lost their lives in the accident.

“According to the operations centre, three dead bodies were found,” Major Mauro Lopes of the Sao Paulo police said. Other reports suggest that there could be a fourth victim, but so far we can only be sure that two people lost their lives when the last piece of the roof was being installed at the Corinthians stadium.

One of the onsite workers, Adilan Freitas, 30, said that he wasn’t within sight of the accident but, “I just heard the sound of the panel cracking.”

The firm behind the construction, Odebrecht, are well on their way to finishing the work as 94% of the stadium has been built. This puts them ahead of the 20th December deadline that FIFA set for the completion of the venue which will host the opening two World Cup 2014 matches.

This accident is a further blow to the World Cup organisers who have been hit by tropical rain at Amazonia Arenain Manaus. Along with Brasilia stadium, Amazonia Arena has also been the site of accidental deaths. Just nine days before the World Cup draw in Sauipe, near Salvador, this latest disaster will be more than a little embarrassing for the Brazilian World Cup organisers.

With 6 of the 12 stadiums still to be finalised by the December 20th deadline, time is running out for the organisers to be ready in time for the 2014 World Cup. A FIFA spokesman wouldn’t be drawn into making a statement about the latest accident, saying instead: “We are waiting for more information from the construction company before we are able to release a statement.”

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