Fifa congress backs Blatter's 6+5 player quota

Fifa's congress has endorsed the 6 + 5 player quota, Sepp Blatter's controversial plan which would restrict the number of foreign players in club teams to five by 2012/13. The motion enjoyed an overwhelming victory of 155-5, clearly underlining Fifa's intentions to push ahead with the proposal.

However, Fifa's scheme has been denounced as illegal and discriminatory by the European Commision and the European parliament has already voted against the idea due to its incompatibility with European law. But Blatter isn't deterred and will meet with the speaker of the European parliament on June 5 to discuss the move.

In the past Blatter has used the Premier League's domination of the Champions League to promote his 6 + 5 proposal but Manchester United started the final in Moscow with six English players on the park while Chelsea had four.

An aspect of Blatter's plan that's not clear is if you have to have six home grown players on the pitch at all times what happens when you want to make subs? Will you have to replace home grown players with other home grown footballers and foreigners with foreigners? One thing is for sure. It's all going to end in tears.

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