Fernando Torres thanks Chelsea fans

From one apparently ungrateful striker, we move on to one that is altogether more appreciative of the situation in which he finds himself: Fernando Torres. The Chelsea striker hasn't had the easiest of times since moving to Chelsea for £50million in January, but it looks like his starting to find his form again.

The Spaniard has scored two goals in two games, including one at Old Trafford, and has looked much livelier than he did last season. Suddenly pundits are predicting he'll score goals this season, and Torres himself has thanked Chelsea fans for not getting on his back, even when it looked like he was running in sand.

'When you are doing great and scoring goals from the first day it is easy for the fans to love you but the first months for me have been very, very difficult,' said Torres. 'I have always felt the support of the fans, not just now when things are going right, and it's nice to start scoring for them.

'It (the support) is something that impressed me from the first day. Obviously, when you are doing great, scoring goals from the first day and doing good performances, it's easy for the fans to love and support you. I have been struggling, but I have always had the support of the fans. From the first day until now, every time I talk with them on the street, the cafe, everywhere, I can feel the support they are giving me so it is nice to start scoring for them.'

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