Ferguson starts preseason mind games with Scolari

Manchester United manager, Alex Ferguson, has started the pre-season mind games with Luiz Felipe Scolari, suggesting that the new Chelsea boss will find it impossible to repeat the achievements of Jose Mourinho. Speaking to the Daily Mail, the Scot that he didn't see Chelsea challenging United in the Premier League this season.

Ferguson acknowledged that Chelsea are an experienced team but questioned the fact that the majority of the squad is in their 30s. "They are an experienced side. I'm not saying necessarily that they're old because with the modern-day training methods, you should be playing in your 30s. What I'm saying is that I don't see outstanding progress coming from a team that's in their 30s."

The United manager did, however, acknowledge the importance of the new Chelsea boss's vast experience. "I don't know Scolari. We played against him when we won the World Club Championship and he has managed a lot of clubs. But he is experienced, having won the World Cup and managed Portugal, and that's one thing he has in his favour." It will be interesting to see if Big Phil takes the bait and reacts to Fergie's by now legendary mind games.

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