Ferguson puts his foot down

Alex Ferguson will ask Manchester United fans to stop singing songs that claim Arsene Wenger is a paedophile when Arsenal visit Old Trafford. The club have made repeated requests of United fans to not sing ‘sit down you paedophile’, but they have had little effect, so are hoping that the word of Ferguson might finally shut them up.

‘Manchester United and its supporters should also know very well the chants that have been levelled at us over the years – ie songs about Munich – and understand the sensitivity that is felt,’ he has said previously. ‘I don't agree with it at all. There's enough to think about and admire in the game without resorting to denigrating people.’

Wenger had the song sung at him louder than ever before after he was sent off during Arsenal’s 2-1 defeat at Old Trafford back in August, and now the club are going to send a letter to all fanzines, supporter groups and unofficial websites that says they will confiscate season tickets if people are caught singing it.

‘We have gone on the record several times about this disgusting chant. We don't condone it and have appealed to fans several times in the past but to no avail,’ a United spokesman said. ‘There are many chants that opposing fans find objectionable, and this is certainly one to which all decent supporters should object.’

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