Ferguson dismisses Manchester City's title chances

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has dismissed Manchester City's title chances despite the arrival of a number of big names to Eastlands this summer.

Emmanuel Adebayor became the latest new recruit at City over the weekend following the arrival of Gareth Barry, Roque Santa Cruz and former United striker Carlos Tevez with more players still expected to join the club.

However, Fergie told reporters that he can't see the Citizens mounting a serious challenge to United this season: "Given all that has happened in the transfer market this summer, it is a different type of challenge we are facing. We are being challenged for the back pages."

"But I cannot look at Manchester City as our main competitors. Liverpool and Chelsea are our main competitors," Ferguson continued. "There is no doubt about that. It won't be easy for them to win anything, even with all the players they have bought."

"They have bought a lot of high profile players but they have 10 strikers. That is a hell of a lot. I have not spoken to all the managers but the one or two I have are saying 'Who are they going to leave out?' How do you tell players they are not even going to be travelling to London? How does he pick a team? We are all interested."

Ferguson continued to have a dig at City claiming that they are just a nouveau riche club who have bloated the transfer market: "Real Madrid are different to Manchester City. They have an unusual culture of not really bothering about money because they can use their name to write off debt."

"No Spanish bank will ever close them down. Manchester City's culture is about cash. It is about having money and using it." The gloves are off.

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