Ferguson claims refs Chelsea bias over Manchester United

Ooooh the big three’s mind games have already started this season, with Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson claiming that referee’s chief Keith Hackett told Mark Halsey to rescind the red card he gave the Chelsea captain at a hearing on Tuesday. The Chelsea skipper would have been looking down the barrel of a three-match ban had the red card he picked up last week at Manchester City been enforced after he was sent off for what ref Halsey said was “serious foul play”.

Ferguson went on record sounding really quite petulant saying that Hackett “would have never done this for us”. Before snivelling a bit and then taking his ball home.

Had the ban been honoured, then the Blues would have been without ‘JT’ for a clash with the Red Devils. So you can see a bit why Fergie got out of his pram.

New Chelsea manager Big Phil Scolari was pretty chuffed with the ref’s turn around saying "I am satisfied because it is the first time I am a coach when they changed the decision of the referee. I think only in England this would happen. In other countries the referee is the God.” Which, in all honesty isn’t true at all Phil, it’s the guy in the middle with the whistle.

The FA are ‘looking into these claims of bias’. Which means they won't do anything about it at all.

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