Ferguson: Chelsea have damaged their title chances

Sir Alex Ferguson believes that Chelsea have damaged their title chances and made things easier for Manchester United by sacking Luiz Felipe Scolari. New Blues boss Guus Hiddink has claimed that Chelsea are still in the title race, but Fergie doesn't seem to agree.

"I think they [Chelsea] have played into our hands and that the title race now is going to be between ourselves and Liverpool," the Scot told reporters. "However, I shall be keeping a wary eye on Aston Villa, who seem to have picked up the baton from Arsenal."

Ferguson also underlined his disbelief at Chelsea's decision to sack World Cup winning coach Scolari: "I was shocked that Chelsea should part so soon with a manager of such great experience and proven success as 'Phil' Scolari. Their haste is a reflection of the sad way the game is going, with everyone from owners, the board members, the supporters and the media demanding instant success and showing absolutely no patience."

The long serving United manager also spoke about the need to give new managers enough time to build a successful team: "I would have thought it self-evident that winning prizes comes with stability and long-term planning," Ferguson said. "Yet so often, when a club is faced with a few problems, wisdom flies out of the window in the hope that a new man can bring about a quick fix."

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