Ferguson and Queiroz could face disciplinary action

The fall out continues. Alex Ferguson and Carlos Queiroz could face disciplinary action from the Football Association following their comments about referee Martin Atkinson.

The comments were made after Man Utd's 1-0 loss to Portsmouth in the FA Cup quarter-final. Sir Fergie and Queiroz threw wobblers after Atkinson failed to award a penalty following Sylvain Distin's shoulder challenge on Cristiano Ronaldo.

Queiroz called Atkinson "a robber", and it seems that hell hath no fury like a Fergie scorned: "Managers get sacked because of things like that and he [Atkinson] is going to referee next week? It's ridiculous. I don't blame Portsmouth. If you're going to come here you know you're going to get off with these things."

The Red Devils' continued his tirade by attacking the head of the Professional Game Match Officials Board, Keith Hackett. "I think Keith Hackett's got a lot to answer for in this country. I don't think he's doing his job properly. He's got his favourites, as everyone knows." Keith Hackett the cause of the country's problems? If only it was that simple.

Here's a revolutionary idea for you. How about accepting defeat graciously? Yes United were better and should have won, but they didn't and that's that. We didn't hear Fergie calling for Mark Clattenberg's head on a plate after Pedro Mendes' goal wasn't given against Spurs a few years back.

You have to take the rough with the smooth in football. It's a shame to see a manager with such an impressive legacy tarnish it with useless displays of petulance.

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