Just who is that female snooker referee?

In the early 2000's you may have noticed a few changes in the snooker world.  One of the biggest was that female snooker referee that seemed to come from nowhere to add some much needed glamour to the sport.  We take a look at Michaela Tabb and how she became one of the top snooker referees in the game.

Michaela Tabb is from the UK and has served as a pioneer for women in the traditionally male-dominated sports of pool and snooker.  Tabb started out as an eight-ball pool player and first represented the Scottish ladies team back in 1992.  She later became captain and led her team to great success.  Michaela also tasted success in her singles career taking home the UK women's title in 1997.

By the time that UK title was in the bag Michaela was beginning her refereeing career in earnest.  She first refereed professionally at a 9-ball tournament in 1997 and went on to become one of the top referees in the sport.  Then in 2002 Michaela accepted an invitation to referee in snooker and she refereed her first match between James Wattana and Ken Doherty in early 2002.

Once again her dedication and discipline led her to steadily become one of the top officials in the snooker world.  Her crowning glory came in 2009 when Michaela became the first woman to referee a World Snooker Final between John Higgins and Shaun Murphy.  She continues to be the only female snooker referee on the tour today and remains a top referee.

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