The benefits of fell running shoes

Fell running is sometimes known as mountain running or hill running. It has  many similarities to cross country running.

One thing that is never incorporated into fell running events is rock climbing. The terrain that is covered will always be wild and mountainous and the runners compete to get across a course which is often not marked out specifically.

The difficulty of the race is dependent on the steepness and the gradient of the hill being tackled.

The sport itself appears to originate from races which took place over the fells of Northern Britain and can be traced back hundreds of years.

In the UK fell runners can join the Fell Runners Association or the British Open Fell Runners Association. There may also be local running organisations that arrange fell running events.


It is important to wear the correct footwear for this demanding sport and this is where fell running shoes come in.

Deciding which brand of fell running shoes suits you is a key decision and some research into what is available will prove invaluable.

There are a range of websites that sell fell running shoes;

  • Fitness Footwear - This site (fitnessfootwear.com) sell a huge variety of style, colour and brand of fell running shoes and they are all great value for money.
  • Inov-8 - Inov-8 (inov-8.com) are an innovative website that understand the need for quality when buying fell running shoes. Search their collection by terrain, features, activity and more!

Alternatively it may be a better option to go to an outdoor sports specialist store near your local area, where you can chat to a sales assistant and try a range of shoes on.

Features to look out for are shoes made from a quick drying fabric. This is essential for the British weather as are rubber studded soles to prevent slipping and create a good grip on the uneven and varied surfaces.

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