Federer criticises Murray's tactics

World No1 Roger Federer has blasted Andy Murray's tactics following the British No1's first round win in Dubai yesterday. Federer, a player that Murray described as "the greatest of all time", thinks the British No1 hasn't developed since their first meeting in 2005.

"I don't think he has changed his game a whole lot since the first time I played him and I really thought he would have done," Federer said after the defeat. "He is going to have to grind it very hard in the next few years if he is going to play this way. He stands way behind the court. You have to do a lot of running and he tends to wait for the mistakes of his opponent."

The Scot calmly responded to Federer's criticism: "If you had watched my game against Nadal at the Australian Open last year you would have seen me attacking and taking a lot of risks because that's the correct way to play against him. But against Federer I don't think that's the right way. I'm not going to play that way against someone who defends as well as Federer."

Murray looked calm and collected during yesterday's match. His celebrations after the victory were low-key. The British No1 said that he needed to stay focused on the games ahead.

Murray vs Federer

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